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Be A True Partner
Prescription Benefit Plans That Work For You

When you implement a prescription benefit plan, you want to have confidence that your plan is going to provide great care and great value. While some plans have become confusing in the past few years with fluctuating drug prices, unclear definitions, and hidden costs, MaxCare is putting value and personal service back into prescription benefits plans. That's why we're uniquely positioned to innovate the industry, raise the ethics, and make sure your plan works for you.

Raise the ethics

Raise the ethics

MaxCare believes in taking the “road less traveled” by providing all of our clients with truly transparent PBM services. In being transparent, we have no hidden costs and instead bring cost clarity to the table. This, combined with our commitment to educating clients on their plan benefits, makes MaxCare a truly transparent partner. We know it can be hard to understand prescription benefits, and that’s why we provide goal alignment, transparency, and open communication to promote the complete understanding of cost variables.

Innovate the industry

Innovate the industry

As a part of providing the highest quality services, MaxCare innovates the industry through expert solutions in both clinical programs and technological advancements. Our clinical and IT experts stay ahead of the curve in the always changing healthcare environment, while providing not only flexible plan designs, but adaptable plan designs to fit each client’s unique needs.

Works for you

Works for you

At MaxCare, our goal is to be a true partner that sits on your side of the table. We provide the highest quality services, exceptional customer service, innovative technology, and an understanding of complex pharmacy benefits. By being flexible and adaptable, we provide a sense of ease to our clients. We help them better understand their benefits by educating them on trends and consulting them on ways to get greater savings for their prescription benefits plan. Our customer service in unparalleled in our industry, and can be considered an extension of the benefit plan. The MaxCare commitment to transparency truly sets us apart as we work with each client to bring cost clarity and partnership to pharmacy benefit management.


  • MaxCare has demonstrated the ability to stay in step with our cost competitive marketplace.
    Pharmacy Consultant
  • We are proud to be a MaxCare client and look forward to many more happy years with them.
    Chief Financial Officer, Utility Company
  • Sometimes it's tough to be one of the only providers telling the truth. MaxCare does it anyway.

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